Marketing Minute – Episode 2: Using Facebook Audience Insights to get FREE Market Research.

I love data.  I also love free stuff.  That’s why this is one of my favorite tools.  By using Facebook Audience Insights with Custom Audiences, you can learn an incredible amount about your customers.  A few years ago, these insights would cost tens of thousands of dollars and would require a lengthy research project.

Today, you can create leverage the power and reach of Facebook to get rich insights within minutes.

So what’s the deal?  Well, Facebook wants to sell ads, so they make this tool available so you can quickly develop better targeting methods that you can deploy on Facebook with a couple clicks. And because Facebook has so many users, you can match almost any audience to their Facebook life (in a privacy-safe way) by leveraging common data that you probably already know about your customers.

I broke this episode up into two pieces – the first segment is a quick overview and I also included a detailed, step-by-step tutorial so you can do this for yourself today.

I’d love to hear what you learned about your audience – let me know in the comments!

The first video is a short overview:


The second video includes detailed instructions: